Our Toller Gallery...

Tia playing with her Jolly Ball
Jake loves to play with Honor (Broholmer)
River after finding the Frisbee buried in the snow!
Silly Tia... you're not scary!!
Silly Jake loves the camera!
Beautiful Dusti (ChasexTia)
Tia smells brats somewhere!
"Duck face!!" - Tia
Happy River enjoys Wisconsin summers.
"Ma, take the picture already! These medals are getting heavy! And stop throwing that pen!!" - Jake
River loves to play fetch:)
Jake is literally Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROTFL)
River so proud of passing her ORT Ordor Recognition Test
Jake loves the snow
Wild and crazy Tia.
Our handsome boy Jake
Tia and Alyssa get ready to find the rats!
Beautiful Tia in the Wisconsin snow
Tia's "It wasn't me" face.
River after she got her Beginner Novice Title
River showing off her new toy
Our Tollers are very photogenic! We have so much fun looking at silly photos of them that we thought we would share some! Hope you enjoy!