Tia In The Show Ring...

This is a picture of my beautiful Tia finishing her AKC Championship.  It was very fun to finish Tia's Championship cuz  my girl Tia won "back to back" 5 pt majors. Boy was that exciting! I just couldn't believe it!  Tia was such a good girl and I even let her pick out a special toy.  Tia sure is special and I love her so much.  Isn't she so pretty?!
Here's a picture of Tia and myself winning our first time out in the show ring, by going Best Of Breed. Gosh, Tia was only just 6 months old and I was only 6 years old. It was so much fun that day. I'll just never forget  that show, everyone was clapping and cheering for us.  Isn't Tia just so cute?! She sure has grown up since, hasn't she.? I guess I have too, being  10 years and all.  
Here's a picture of my  Tia winning her first  5 pt  major! Whoohooo! Way to go my special Tia.
Here we are waiting to go in the show ring.  This picture was actually taken and featured in the local  Newspaper. How cool is that?! Sweet!! By the way we did win too...!