Tia just loves Dockdiving! She is just the craziest dog there is. I have to keep Tia hidden away from the dock competition til just before it's her turn to jump because she is so "nuts" with excitement. She "toller screams" so loud that  i'm sure people can hear her miles away. Boy is it loud, but boy is she happy. Her ears perk up and her eyes just twinkle with excitement. She just can't stand it when another dog is jumping, she gets so jealous wanting to jump too.  Sometimes she embarrasses me a little but then I have to remind myself how much fun she is having. Most people think she is pretty funny so I guess that makes me feel not so embarrassed.  
Just thought you would like to see a picture of Tia when she first started to learn dock diving.  She was pretty funny cuz she really just stood on the edge of the dock "screaming" wanting to jump in. Well, that was til finally she just accidentally fell in. Oops, that was all it took. From then on Tia jumped in every time. In fact, the first time she even made our local newspaper! Wow was that sweet. :) 
This is a great picture of Tia retrieving her favorite bumper. Boy does my girl love to swim. And ya know what, there was no doggie paddle ever for Tia. She just swam like a big dog the first time in. I think mom was even surprised. I wasn't though, cuz I know my girl Tia is the smartest Toller ever. 
Check out these great pictures my friend Sarah took of Tia jumping off the dock.  She sure is learning how to jump far now. Okay, not as far is "Smoke" but  I am still very proud of my girl Tia.  Isn't she so pretty, jumping high in the air?! Look how happy she is. She sure does love jumping and I think it is so much fun too. We have a blast together.
Here's a picture of Tia staying so nice on the dock waiting to jump. She behaves so well now. Mom says she is very proud of the way I trained her.  Well, she is my special girl and I know I can train her to do anything. She is so smart  and listens to me most all of the time.
Well, I hope you enjoyed all the pictures of  Tia doing her dock diving.   Tia really  loves it! You can hear her scream with excitement a mile away! And I am not kidding!!  She just screams so loud you need ear plugs!