Our Tollers are exceptionally talented in the obedeince ring, despite the extreme pressure one feels as soon as they walk into it. Our Tollers continuously earn new obedience titles and make it look very easy. 

Tia was about 6 months when she passed her GCG test. As soon as she got that title she was taken in the obedience ring. Tia has made our breeding program excel with how smart she is and how much she can achieve.

River and Jake also got their title at 6 months old. All of our Tollers started in obedience as soon as they could and they do very well in it.
Pictures showed are of all three Tollers getting a new title! We are so proud of how far they have come and we can't wait for them to excel even farther. 

River getting her Rally Novice Title

Jake getting his Beginner Novice Title
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Tia winning her Novice Obedience Title