Tia absolutely loves Lure Coursing. Aren't these photos amazing?Tia runs so fast!!  She  has her Lure Coursing Aptitude Test (CAT) title, which she attained in Ramsey, MN. To get your CAT tiltle, she had to chase the Lure for over 600 yards without stopping.  She was amazing and passed the 3 required test easily and fast. Once Tia was running so fast that she did a complete somersault!  Glad she was okay . Boy is she crazy about it,  and Toller screams the whole time waiting for her turn to go. It is so much fun to watch her  run.  That's my Tia, she does everything!  I couldn't ask for a better dog!

Tia  Lure Coursing...
This photo shows just how excited my girl Tia gets before she does "lure Coursing". She gets so crazy that she "Toller Screams" at the line like a maniac. I can barely hold onto her she just can't wait to chase the lure. What a dog she is? She is so much fun and I just love to see the joy she has for the sport. Her children also excel at Coursing, so it definitely runs in the genes.. Gosh, I love my pretty girl Tia, she is just amazing.
Here are a couple pictures of my little River when she was a little  puppy also  known as "Redalert's River Of Dreams"... At only 7 weeks old she is already showing her talent at lure coursing. She can have fun practicing but she has to be a year old before she can actually participate in a real CAT (Coursing Aptitude Test). You can already see by the photo she is going to be amazing like her mother &  brother.