My girl Tia is just an amazing Agility dog! We just have so much fun doing Agility together.  Tia's favorite obstacle is the A-frame.  Sometimes Tia just has so much fun on the course that when she gets to the A-frame she just wants to jump off from way  up high.  Once when we were doing a trial in Oshkosh, Tia got just so excited and happy that  after she did the A-frame she ran right to the ring gate to jump over it and knocked it down.  Everyone laughed at how crazy Tia was.   Well, even though Tia can be a little "crazy" at times, and sometimes, embarrasses me a little bit, I still love my sweet Tia girl.  
Here is an awesome picture  taken of us at the Packerland Agility Trial in Green Bay, WI.  Look at Tia, she is having so much fun jumping off the dog walk.  Just look at her floppy ears and smiling face.  She sure is an Agility dog,  isn't she?!  I sure am proud of my special girl, even if she gets a little wild on the Agility course from time to time.
So what do you think of this picture of Tia? Isn't she the cutest  dog ever?! She sure is having fun.  I sure love my girl Tia. And you know what, I trained her all by myself.  And you know what else is really  kinda cool? Everytime we do a competition everyone claps and cheers for me and Tia. It really makes me happy too. Tia is so funny. I think Tia's puppies will be crazy, fun, and playful just like her.  They will be so cute and smart too.  I can't wait for those little "fur" balls.