Hi, my name is Alyssa and this website is about  my dog "Tia" AKC GRCH CH UKC CH U-CA UNJ UAG1 URO1 KEEPSAKE KD'S LET THE GAMES BEGIN RN BN CD CA NAJ NJ-R RATI RATN VC CGCA, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Tia and I are truly the best of friends.  Our friendship began when I was only 6 years old and now that was about 6 years ago as I am now 12 years old . Tia and I have done so much together already, in fact, I really can't remember back to when I didn't have my girl Tia. All I know is I couldn't imagine my life without her.  We have accomplished so much together and I put on all those titles her myself. Tia does anything I ask of her, she truly is an amazing dog. And wow, she sure was cute as a puppy. She was nothing but a fluff ball of fur.

I feel so lucky to have Tia, She is my best friend and we have crossed many bridges along the way. Tia is very smart.  She listens to me and learns all kinds of amazing things. We do all sorts of competitions together and do our share of winning too.  Tia's favorite sports to do are Dock Diving, Barn Hunting, Nose work and Lure Coursing. She screams and screams like crazy with excitement!  She just has so much fun.  Tia is the most versatile dog one could ask for, I can do almost anything with her and we have so much fun together,k
Tia and I actively compete in Rally, Obedience, Agility, Conformation,  Junior Showmanship, Lure Coursing, Barn Hunts, Dock Diving, Nose Work, and Pack Hikes with my Mom and Dad and our Danish Broholmers and Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs. And then there is the really fun stuff we do, like play games of fetch, frisbee, and "hide and go seek." Oh we also do lots of tricks too. And even were the "hit" at my Schools Talent Show. 
Tia and I just enjoy so many things together. She loves to play ball, swim, snuggle, chase the squirrel, get her belly scratched, and even loves it when I dress her up in peoples clothes. She looks pretty funny.
I sure hope you enjoy looking through my website. Tollers are a wonderful, energetic, loving breed of dog with an enthusiasm for life. They love to retrieve and to learn new things. They are not for everyone though. They need an active lifestyle that gives them an outlet for their energy. They are not hyper but do need to expand their minds to keep them from getting bored. Well, I hope you enjoy reading about my dogs and looking at photos of my Redalert puppies. 
Now there are two Toller additions to our household.  We kept two puppies out of Tia. A boy from the "Dance Litter" and a girl from the "Dream Litter".  Jake, UNJ CA UKC CH Redalert's Dancing With The Stars CA RN NJ-R CGC and River, Redalert's River of Dreams. I have my hands full training, showing, and competing with my three Tollers. Each one is unique and I am learning so much about different techniques to use with each dog. It's fun and challenging at the same time and I love it!
Tia is 5 months old in this photo, which makes me 6 years old. My how time flies by.

This is me and our newest addition, River. She is a little firecracker and really is a bundle of energy. Now she is older , as this picture was taken when she was 3 months old. We are now training in obedience, rally, agility and nose work.  Sometimes she is a wild child but I luv her
Tia pictured above at 3 months old. She sure was a cutie. I almost wish she could of stayed little forever.
Here is Tia and myself having a "girls" slumber party.  These are fun times I will always remember with my special girl.
Jake at 9 weeks
First time swimming
Hugging my boy Jake after a swim in Rainbow Lake, Waupaca WI
River at 6 months taking a romp in the snow. Tollers love to play in snow.