Hi, my name is Alyssa. This website is about my wonderful Tollers. We got our first Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, "Tia" INTER-CONTINENTAL CH AKC GRCH CH UKC CH CA UNJCH UCD UAG1 URO1 Keepsake KD's Let the Games Begin RN BN CA CD GN NAJ NJ-R RATI RATN VC CGCA ORT1, when I was only 6 years old. She has made my life definitely worth living. Our Tollers are very intelligent in everything they do and never stop improving! We try to attain as much with our little red dogs as possible because we know they are capable of doing it and they enjoy every aspect of it! 

Even with all that we do with our Tollers, we do find time for other fun things too! Our Tollers absolutely love to play games! We love to play Frisbee, ball, swimming, running, and even doing tricks at the talent show 3 years in a row! Our dogs are a very big hit at my school! 

We hope you enjoy reading about our wonderful, amazing Tollers!
They make us smile, laugh, and love them even more every single day! They are the most courageous, beautiful, sweet, smart, and loving breed one will ever lay their eyes on. We believe you will feel the same way. Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy it! 
Getting Tia was a big step for me and I know she knew it because she made it as easy a possible. She was a very intelligent little pup, and now an adult. Her children are very smart too! Jake, UKC CH CA UNJ UAG1 Redalert's Dancing with the Stars BN RN CA NJ-N CGCA, does very well in competition. Also, her daughter River, Redalert's River of Dreams RN CGC, is young but quite the smarty pants (even though she can be a little naughty)!
Tia is 5 months old in this photo, which makes me 6 years old. My how time flies by.

Here is a photo of Tia (left) and Josie (Kooikerhonje Right) in the talent show! We made it in Times Villager! We also did it the year after with Tia and River! 
Tia (left) Jake (right) finally cooperate enough to get a mother and son picture!
The photo placed above is of our crazy girl River. She is actually very obedient and loves to work, but when its play time, 
its play time!
Jake at 9 weeks
First time swimming
Tia has had a long day, poor girl
With good photography calls for a good subject! Tollers are very photogenic!
Our Tollers actively compete in many different things such as Dock Diving, Conformation, Barn Hunting, Nose Work, Tracking, Agility, Rally, Obedience, Lure Coursing, and Pack Hikes. We also plan to do everything that comes in our path along the way because we know that they can accomplish it!